Tim’s Achievements

Tim's AchievementsCouncillor Tim Morrison is currently completing his first term as an Esquimalt Councillor. While the past term of Esquimalt Council has been a challenging time for our community, we have made great strides in moving forward with significant successes. Since first being elected three years ago, Tim Morrison’s focus has been community engagement and community improvement.

Together, we share these notable achievements:

Property Tax Relief

– Three Consecutive Years of 0% Tax Increases

Through input from the community, and through careful analysis and extensive effort, Council’s fiscal responsibility has held Esquimalt property tax increases to 0% during the entire term of Council for 2012, 2013 and 2014.  In comparison to all other B.C. municipalities, property tax freezes are very rare. Not only did Esquimalt balance its budget with healthy contingencies and surpluses, but we also ensured that there is no reduction to our community’s services, amenities, and important infrastructure maintenance schedules.

In 2013, moreover, we decreased taxes for Esquimalt business owners. Our message is clear: Esquimalt is open for business. The tax freezes and reduction in taxes to business property owners reflects our commitment to community economic development as stated in our strategic priorities.

Esquimalt is in excellent fiscal shape with available funding in place to invest in continuous community improvement.

Economic Development

To invest in our future, Esquimalt completed our Economic Development Roundtables, which gathered input from a variety of community sectors on opportunities as well as obstacles for future economic development. The result is a grassroots Esquimalt Economic Development Strategy based on expertise, community engagement and a positive future for Esquimalt.

Grassroots Victory against the CRD Sewage Boondoggle

Together, we stopped the CRD sewage boondoggle attempts to dump the entire region’s sewage upon Esquimalt at Viewfield Road and McLoughlin Point. We have shifted the focus to a more a sensible, cooperative & cost-effective solution for our region’s sewage treatment. Esquimalt has achieved assurances that federal and provincial funding for this project is secured while we explore a more innovative distributed model of tertiary sewage treatment with other Westside communities including Colwood, Langford, View Royal and Songhees Nation. While the CRD continues to go nowhere with their colossal failure of a sewage plan, Esquimalt is moving forward towards smart solutions.

New Policing Agreement with Increased Community Safety at Lesser Cost to Esquimalt

Esquimalt Council inherited a decade of disputes over funding formulas, service levels and governance between the Township, VicPD and the City of Victoria. After extensive negotiations, we have achieved an historic new 10-year policing agreement and a resolution to all past conflicts. The agreement provides better service levels to Esquimalt with dedicated divisions and vehicles marked for each community, and a revised funding formula. Of note, Esquimalt taxpayers will now pay a lesser portion of policing costs for better service to our community. The new agreement even allows for other municipalities to unite with us towards the goal of a fully united, regional Greater Victoria police force.

Esquimalt Village Project

In the 2011 municipal election, Esquimalt residents voted overwhelmingly in support of moving forward with the Esquimalt Village Project. Over the past term, Council has engaged serious interest from some very reputable investors who are currently considering the project. Meanwhile, much has been done to meet all the requirements necessary for the property to be developed including: a remediation plan for the site to obtain a Certificate of Compliance from the Ministry of Environment; an archaeological report that has indicated no apparent issues related to First Nations sites; a geotechnical report that has confirmed the land’s suitability and scope of development; consolidating three site parcels to provide potential developers confidence that they are dealing with a single well-defined parcel; and all legal formalities regarding land titles to ensure no constraints due to encumbrances.

Centennial Celebrations and Legacies

As a highlight of the past term of Council, 2012 was a very special year for Esquimalt as we commemorated 100 years of history including our strong ties to our naval heritage. With Esquimalt Council’s financial support and the contributions of our sponsors and extraordinary volunteers, the community came together to celebrate our past, present and future with great pride in our home of Esquimalt. Since 2012, our centennial legacies have continued with Memorial Park improvements, the Bloomin’ Beautiful Home and Garden Contest, and the recognition of our centennial book by Heritage BC.

Opening Up the Doors on Municipal Hall

At the beginning of the current term, one of the first actions of Esquimalt Council was to place the full agenda Council packages on Esquimalt’s website, fully accessible and viewable by the general public. To this day, several other municipalities refuse to provide such openness. Councillor Tim Morrison has been a driving force to make all of Esquimalt’s public information fully available to the public with the fundamental belief that Esquimalt Council information belongs to the people of Esquimalt. All Esquimalt Council meetings are now being webcasted live and archived online via Esquimalt’s website to allow the general public to monitor Council from the comfort of home at any time. Esquimalt has also become active on social media to engage with the public on a number of new media platforms including a refresh of the Township’s website: www.esquimalt.ca

Tim is Listening to the Community

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Moving Forward Together…