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Tim Morrison's Vision Statement-Esquimalt's Future

Esquimalt’s Economic Plan

Over the past term of Council, an Esquimalt Economic Development Strategy has been put together through a series of grassroots round-table sessions between Council, local residents, and representatives from small business, tourism, development, education and training, ship repair and defence, environment, arts and culture, and health and wellness.Re-elect sign with Photo

Esquimalt’s Future?

Together, we need to focus on the economic revitalization of Esquimalt and a better future for our community. We need new investment, quality businesses, better housing options and a vibrant lifestyle for residents and visitors to Esquimalt. Over the next term of Council, Tim Morrison wants to make Esquimalt the place to be.

Read more about the Esquimalt Economic Development Strategy by clicking here.

Tim Morrison has clear positions on important issues:

Attracting Better Quality Businesses onto Esquimalt Road:

A plurality of payday loan stores adds absolutely no value to our community. In fact, they devalue our community. Tim Morrison’s vision for a better Esquimalt focuses on Esquimalt Road with a renewed vibrancy for our main street as a showcase of community renewal. Section 226 of the Community Charter provides local governments the authority to implement tax incentives and other strategies to attract new, better quality businesses. To use this authority, a Council must legally establish a revitalization program (with defined reasons for and objectives of the program) and enter into agreements with potential new businesses that may include temporary property tax exemptions once all specified conditions of the program and the agreement have been met. These conditions would include locating or re-locating onto Esquimalt Road, renovations to storefronts with significant aesthetic improvements and long-term lease commitments.

Tim will work with the community to identify the most desirable businesses to recruit to take part in this program such as restaurants, cafes, specialty niche shops, medical professionals, and credit unions as some examples. We also need to have our Esquimalt Village Core project become a reality. Council has already been engaging with reputable investors and potential tenants to make this happen.  We live in an amazingly beautiful natural environment, but we need to transform our main street into a hub of more attractive and inviting socio-economic activity. We are capable of so much more than pay-day loan stores and empty, run-down storefronts. Together, we will get there.


As a Councillor, Tim Morrison is committed to engaging the people of Esquimalt in direct democracy decision-making. It was Councillor Morrison that showed leadership in bringing forward the unanimous Esquimalt Council resolution to allow the voters of Esquimalt to have their formal input on the amalgamation question via a referendum while other municipalities have refused to even consider seeking the views of their respective residents. Not fearing the input of your community is a demonstration of proven leadership. Unfortunately, there is no consistency and cooperation among Greater Victoria’s municipalities on the amalgamation question. But, if Esquimalt residents vote to explore the issue of amalgamation, then Tim will champion the voters’ democratic wishes.

If the results of such exploration indicate a strong case for amalgamation, then Tim will advocate for a consistent, region-wide binding referendum in the next scheduled municipal election of 2018. If a majority of voters in each municipality, including Esquimalt, vote definitely for amalgamation, then Tim will honour the democratic will of residents and taxpayers. Amalgamation would also have to be based on a ward system to ensure each community is represented in an amalgamated Greater Victoria municipality.

As this issue is debated as part of the 2014 municipal election, however, Tim Morrison cautions that Esquimalt’s autonomy and corresponding legal authority over our land use is what saved our community from becoming the dumping ground for the entire region’s sewage treatment.

Shared Services & Governance Efficiency:

Councillor Tim Morrison also successfully sponsored a second referendum question that is being included in the 2014 municipal election regarding shared services. With a mandate from the voters of Esquimalt, Tim will be a champion of shared services. Let’s start with a fully integrated, united and more efficient regional police force. In terms of other services, we have thirteen different municipalities within the Capital Regional District, all of which are duplicating many of the same administrative functions and expenses at great cost to taxpayers. Tim proposes that all thirteen Mayors meet within the first six months of this upcoming term to prepare a joint four-year plan on shared services, especially in administrative functions. The more we do together, the more we can save for taxpayers across the region.

CRD Governance Reform:

As an Esquimalt Councillor and previously as an Esquimalt community blogger, Tim Morrison has been a vocal critic of the Capital Regional District (CRD) and their chronically-flawed decision-making.  For years, the CRD has been regressing into an embarrassment rather than a model of what responsible and representational regional governance should be. The CRD has seriously lost its way and is long overdue for reform. Tim Morrison will lead the charge to work with the provincial government for legislated changes to how regional districts govern in British Columbia. Tim is committed to cooperative and collaborate decision-making that benefit all the region, rather than the CRD’s practice of pitting community against community with no accountability to the taxpayers who are left paying the bill for the CRD’s chronic irresponsibility. Regional reform will happen, but only if we elect the right people dedicated to realizing those much-needed reforms.

Sewage Treatment:

Tim Morrison has consistently stood up against the Capital Regional District (CRD) as they attempted to bully, manipulate, dismiss and discredit our community regarding the CRD’s irresponsible sewage treatment planning. This election is a crucial moment in Esquimalt’s history. We need to send a strong message of unity from Esquimalt to the CRD. We need to re-elect the proven leadership of Tim Morrison in holding the CRD accountable for their severe poor planning and mistreatment of the taxpayers from across the region, not to mention their blatant arrogance and antipathy towards the people of Esquimalt.   More importantly, Tim is committed to resolving the sewage treatment issue with a common-sense solution including small-scale distributed models of resource-recovery tertiary treatment that, unlike the CRD’s sewage plan, will actually efficiently solve our raw sewage and toxic waste dilemmas without putting the entire burden on one community that the CRD planned to do with its archaic, big box sewage plant technology. Above all, Tim will fight for a more sensible plan that ensures responsible stewardship for both our precious environment and our tax dollars.

Property Taxes and High Cost of Living:

While Esquimalt property tax increases were frozen at 0% for the entire past term of Council, municipal taxes throughout the Capital Region are far too high and not sustainable for many taxpayers struggling to keep up with Greater Victoria’s high cost of living. Careful budgeting and property tax relief has always been Tim Morrison’s top priorities for Esquimalt. We need to focus on more efficient budgeting through shared services with other municipalities. High administrative costs could be greatly reduced across the region by simply having municipalities work together towards integrating many of their functions with a model that puts respect and consideration for taxpayers first.

Taking Care of our Infrastructure:

As stewards of our community, Esquimalt Council has an important responsibility to take care of our aging infrastructure. Esquimalt has been around for more than 100 years. We have a lot of infrastructure challenges, both visible and underground. The best strategy for ensuring optimum use of tax dollars is to prioritize and plan out an infrastructure maintenance schedule and adhere to that schedule. We have seen in other communities, such as the City of Victoria, that ignoring your infrastructure can lead to expensive tax bills in the future. No different than maintaining your home, Esquimalt Council must be proactive and methodical in maintaining our community.

Arts, Culture & Special Events:

A key component of Esquimalt’s economic revitalization is our community’s burgeoning arts, culture & special events. Year after year, grassroots volunteers have provided our community with such successes as Buccaneer Days, Ribfest, Celebration of Lights and the Lantern Festival. Tim Morrison has consistently voted to support these special events and he has been a vocal advocate and volunteer for the new and highly successful Township Community Arts Council (TCAC) that produced the free summer concert series at Memorial Park, Arts Festival at Gorge Park, and Sculpture Splash at Macaulay Park among many other successful events that have rapidly contributed to Esquimalt becoming a destination hub for arts & culture. Tim Morrison understands the value that arts & culture add to a community’s positive image and economic renewal.

Enhanced Parks & Recreation:

With extensive experience as a member of Esquimalt’s Parks & Recreation Committee, Tim Morrison understands the value of healthy living and playing within our community. Our Parks & Rec are our community’s strongest asset. Tim believes on building upon our strengths as we work to build a more positive image for Esquimalt. Our prize possessions include Saxe Point, Gorge Park, Macaulay Point and Memorial Park among are many other cherished green spaces. Tim will continue to protect and enhance these community treasures, making the most of what we have to offer.

Tim has advocated for accessible, inclusive and diverse options to play including services geared towards children, youth, seniors and everybody in between. Moving forward, Tim supports the development of a children’s outdoor water park adjacent to the Esquimalt Recreation Centre to provide young families with new healthy, fun options for play.

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